For 43 years, I have performed as Roger the Jester.

My work is constantly changing, every venue will elicit new material.

Every performance is a debut, since my work is so improvisational, not in the current “give me a word, I’ll fit it into a pre-rehearsed format,”  but true in the moment magical events.  I often hear, “Did he plan that with that person?  They must have rehearsed it!”

There are many events where I create something special just for that event.  Every year a friend has a holiday concert in his home where there is a plethora of beautiful classical music.  I show up  and play the tuba, a turkey baster, a saw, three recorders at once, you get the idea.

I recently was commissioned to perform at a wedding reception.  I played an arrangement of the Beatles “All you need is Love”  on the tuba, trombone, pocket trumpet, baritone, melodica, boom whacker and cymbals.

This is why I am now branding myself as a performance artist.  It better describes what I do.

I will continue to juggle, spin, throw and play with all sorts of objects.  Don’t worry.