April 12 2012

We all enjoyed your performance tremendously;  your warmth, talent and humor are extraordinary.  Our patrons came expecting a children’s program and left knowing they’d just experienced something delightfully unique and meant to touch the heart and soul.

Melinda Taormina
Childrens’ Librarian
Clifton Park-Half Moon Library


15 June 2012


Here Comes the Fool

A musician (and a magician) among musicians, and a peerless friend.
Thank you, Roger, for the sacrament of laughter.
Billie and all
mother of the bride at whose wedding reception I rendered my version of the Beatles “All You Need Is Love” on no less than 7 instruments, tuba included!


19 June 2012

We look forward to seeing you at the Clearwater Festival every year…and today was just GREAT! Thank you for the magical adventure!


I love Roger the Jester (isn’t that his last name?) Over the years, I’ve watched him perform in many different venues, from large school auditoriums, to private parties. When I wanted a happy, light-hearted, extra-special event for my son’s graduation (from medical school) party, I was delighted that Roger was available so I could share his unique brand of fun with my family and closest friends. In my current job I book entertainers for residents of an assisted living facility who have dementia. Roger always connects with heart and playful humor with whoever shows up, residents, staff, and family members. I’ve had him perform for staff children at Holiday parties, too. Whatever the audience, Roger never fails to connect with warmth or to bring easy fun to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or cognitive status. His special gift is his ability to incorporate whatever comes up in the crowd–airplanes overhead, dogs barking, babies whining, into his
act. His work is from the heart and, without the conscious awareness of the audience, he is a healing antidote to our busy, complicated times. Hearing and seeing young children or elders chuckle and guffaw to his antics always amplifies my own merriment.


A friend came to see me this summer at Old Songs Festival in Altamont NY where they turn me loose for the weekend, shows, games and I co-emcee the final concert with one of the directors.   Check out what he came up with!!

A Day In The Life of Roger The Jester V3B


Thanks so much for your beautiful work with the kids.  They loved every minute of it!


Director of Outreach and Facilities

Mountain Road School



J**,  J***  and I couldn’t have been happier that you were able to join us and provide such a memorable performance.  We still laugh at many of your antics and continue to marvel in the repeated telling of the playing of happy birthday on a turkey baster. Remarkable!  Thank you so much for agreeing to come to J***s birthday celebration.  It was fun and you made it especially joyful for all present.



Dear Roger,

I've been going through all my correspondence with Pete Seeger in recent weeks, as we're finishing a DVD of some films of performances we did with Pete, and I found the quote I had told you about:

In late 97 Pete said to me:

“Do something with Roger the Jester. I believe he is one of the world’s great artists.”

You can't do much better than that!

All best wishes,

Um abraco,

Paul Winter